The LIGHT & EYE Photography

I got a chance to visit Haiti this summer. I had an amazing time and also managed to get a few images. Good times…

haiti-32 haiti-41 haiti-69 haiti-70 haiti-73 haiti-152 haiti-182 haiti-321

Victoria Falls landscape photography

Words don’t do it justice…images don’t do it justice…


You can click to view higher res image/download for your screensaver/curse the Polar vortex…

Mosi oa tunya



I showed up to shoot the groom getting ready only to be hit with this question…”Dude, do you know how to tie a bow tie?” “I do..I mean I’s been so long..yes definitely here I’ll Google it. ” I don’t know when googling something became the same as knowing how to do it. I didnt get much of the groom’s preps but was back on the job after the bow tie was done. After that you think I’d remember how to tie a bow tie but I decided because Google is so close I decided to save the space in my brain for something else since Google handled this situation better than I could have. Super cool guy definitely good times…

kim-huh-blog-1 kim-huh-blog-2

Pierre Stonya Brooklyn Bridge engagement shoot

This is why I love working with people you like … they trust you and  can get them to do almost anything. These guys were pretty patient and accommodating as I tried to make this shot work. I wanted light trails of the cars going over the bridge and a sharp New York skyline and not have to composite the final shot in Photoshop. This requires a long exposure with the subjects having to remain very still as I took the shot. Fun, experimental shoot. Definitely good times…




Brooklyn Christmas tree shopping photography

I know I am late to the party with this post but still thought I’d share these images created right outside my office building in Brooklyn. The  lights and the Christmas trees that were on sale made for a nice background. Good times…



Rusape landscape iphone photography

Took a trip to Mutare, Zimbabwe recently. I was on some serious business so I stupidly decided to leave my camera. This is where I’m from but all my trips there happened as a kid with my father. I had no idea how beautiful it is. It took about twenty minutes and a beautiful sunrise to show me how bad the decision to leave the camera at home was. I did get a chance to get out the trusty phone camera and get these shots on my cousins farm though…. Good times




Romney Maryland wedding photos preview

Arianne and Alonso met in England while at Oxford and then moved back to the States. Most of Alonso’s family flew in from Mexico and he even had some Oxford buddies fly in as well. He is easily one of the most easy going guys I have ever met. Their wedding was simple, yet elegant and I tried to make images that were the same.  Here are some of my favorites.

 romney-7romney-3   romney-6romney-5  romney-104


Alexandria Old Town wedding photography

This was one of those weddings I had more fun shooting than I think is allowed for me to call this work. These guys were EASY to work with. We left the limo and walked (at least it seemed to me) all over Old Town looking for spots to take pictures and Andrew and Usa were game. The alleys in Old Town are quiet and provide beautiful backdrops so it was worth it. To top it off they were even willing to sneak in some more portraits during the reception! Here are a few of my favorites from the day. Good times!

cramer-2 cramer-3  cramer-5 cramer