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Runy Pswarayi

My name is Runy Pswarayi and I am a wedding and travel photographer. Photography is my way of writing my name in concrete, or etching my name in the bark of a tree. It is my way of saying I was here!' My images are an expression of who I am, where I grew up, where I've been, and what I've learnt and experienced. In many ways weddings are very similar to this. They consist of people who we knew you from the time you and your fiancé were born, childhood friends, high school and college friends, new friends and even work friends. Your guests are an expression of your journey both as individuals and as a couple. This is what I try to capture at every wedding. I want your images to tell a story of your journey and make your statement of 'We were here!', our family was here and tell the story not only of the day but of your love and how you got here

Runy Pswarayi // Destination wedding photographer

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Made in 2017


Made in 2017


Made in 2017